Daily Persistent Headache (DPH) or the commonly called "Araw araw na sakit ng ulo" is a type of continous headache that starts suddenly and happens on a daily basis with migraine-like or tension-like features. The headache is often described as a pressure-like or tightening sensation. The pain is often on both sides of the head, but can also be on one side or localized to one specific area.

People with DPH will frequently have sleep disturbance, pain at other sites, dizziness, worsening anxiety and mood, and school absence. Other frequent symptoms include non-specific abdominal pain, back pain, neck pain, and diffuse muscle and joint pain. It can resemble chronic migraine in its features, with days when there is light or sound sensitivity, nausea, throbbing, or pain on just one side of the head. Sometimes, it may resemble a tension-type milder headache without any of those features.

Daily Persistent Headache is...

Get a quick, convenient and secure way to digitally connect with your neurologist (specialist) without having to queue on long lines in the clinic or going through the heavy traffic of the metropolis. You can access the online consultation via audio call or video call (viber). Prior appointment is required.

This is an easy way to form to ask about an existing condition or medication / ask about a symptom or referral for a test / discuss a test result / ask for a prescription for your medications.

The online consultation program also offer clients a easy way to pay for the professional fees via Paypal or Gcash. In cases wherein your neurologist feels you need to be seen or assessed personally, they will arrange a face-to-face appointment with you. This might be because they need to examine you or conduct a medical procedure.

The Online Consultation Program do not accept emergency or urgent cases. You may directly visit the emergency room / department of any hospital near you for urgent me...

Online Medical Consultation offers an easy, excellent solution and alternative to a traditional clinic consultation setup. It achieves a real-time consultation and obtain advice on treatment options.  According to a global survey conducted by a reputed news site, due to the revolution in technology, 80% of medical health issues can be solved online. It convenient and easy to use especially for those who live in remote areas and have busy schedules. By using a video conferencing platform smartphone apps, and online management systems, doctors can now connect with patients and diagnose then provide e-prescriptions.  

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