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Tips to Prevent Vomiting during Nausea

December 27, 2015


When you begin to feel nauseated, you may be able to prevent vomiting by:

·         Drinking small amounts of clear, sweetened liquids such as soda or fruit juices (except orange and grapefruit juices, because these are too acidic)

·         Resting either in a sitting position or in a propped lying position; activity may worsen nausea and may lead to vomiting.


To prevent nausea and vomiting in children:

·         To treat motion sickness in a car, seat your child so he or she faces the front windshield (watching fast movement out the side windows can make the nausea worse). Also, reading or playing video games in the car could cause motion sickness.

·         Don't let kids eat and play at the same time.



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