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Pins and Needle : When to visit your neurologist


Pins and needles sensation is referred to as a feeling of prickling or tingling that is common when you have been in the same position too long, or slept on a limb. In these transient causes of pins and needles, it is the result of too much pressure on a nerve. Pins and Needle is a normal sensation, but prolonged and repetitive experience of it needs a visit to a nerve specialist or neurologist. In most cases, a pins and needles sensation is just your nerves telling you that you need to get more blood to that part of your body. #pinsandneedle #numbness #pain #handpain #neuropathy #tingling #nervedamage #nervepain #nervespecialist #nervedoctor #winnielimkhoo #nerve #specialist #neurologist #manila #philippines #health #tips #advise #lifestyle


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