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Myelin Sheath : Nerve Protectors?

Myelin Sheath is a wrapping of myelin around certain nerve axons, serving as an electrical

insulator that speeds nerve impulses to muscles and other effectors. The underlying cause of any type of neuralgia is damage to a nerve. Each nerve in your body is protected by a coating called the myelin sheath.

When the myelin is damaged or wears away from the nerve, the stabbing, severe, shock-like pain of neuralgia results. There are many different factors, including old age, which can cause damage to the myelin. Unfortunately, in many cases of neuralgia, a cause can never be found.

If you experience such pain, you should see a nerve specialist or a neurologist as soon as possible, especially when the pain is not helped by over-the-counter medications. You should also see your neurologist if you suspect you have shingles. In addition to the pain of neuralgia, shingles causes a red, blistering rash. It is usually on the back or abdomen, but may also be on the neck and face.

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