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Understanding Why you should Sleep

Sleep is equally important to our body just like drinking, eating and breathing. It is a an important element in keeping a good mental and physical health. Sleep help a person recover from a mental and well as physical exhaustion. Sleep is thought to help keep your immune system strong and your heart and blood vessels healthy. It allows for growth and healing.

As the pace of life increases and we pack more into each day, our sleep patterns have suffered. In fact, poor sleep quality is now considered to be pandemic throughout the world. That makes teaching children about the importance of a good night's sleep particularly important, because sleep patterns acquired in childhood often feed through into adulthood.

It's not just how long you sleep that matters. The quality of your sleep is just as important. Every night you need to go through several stages of sleep - falling peacefully into a deep sleep and periodically returning to so-called REM (Rapid Eye Movement) sleep before entering another period of deep sleep or waking up. During REM sleep,( which is when we dream) your brain is quite active, which is believed to be due to the brain consolidating recently learned information and transferring it into long-term memory. That's one of the reasons why, we need both deep and REM sleep, because the right type of sleep, as well as the right amount of sleep, is so important for school children.

Here are some of the common mistakes we make when sleeping:

1. Not going to bed and getting up at consistent times each day

2. Poor sleep environment

3. Using alcohol to help sleep

4. Frequent use of sedative drugs to sleep

5. Ignoring the possibility of having a specific sleep disorder that needs attention

If you or your relative suffers from sleep disorder or simply having difficulty sleeping. It is better to visit your family doctor or neurologist to get a proper and accurate medical assessment and assistance. A good night sleep is still possible in this modern time.

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