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10 Questions to ask your Neurologist after a Stroke

If you’ve had a stroke, you probably have concerns about what lies ahead in the weeks and months of stroke recovery. You may have a limited amount of time with your doctor to get all the stroke recovery information you need.

Here are some guide questions that can help you with your quick stroke recovery:

1. What really caused my stroke?

2. What can I do to lower my risk of another stroke?

3. How soon can I completely recover?

4. Do I need therapy?

5. Do I need to check on with my cardiologist?

6. What changes will I experience after a stroke?

7. Will stroke happen to me again?

8. Do I need regular check up?

9. Do I need regular blood test?

10.Can I live a normal life?

Once you gather the information you need about your stroke recovery plan, you'll feel more confident and better able to move forward on your road to wellness.

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