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Questions and Answers about Stroke

What is a stroke?

Stroke is a medical condition in which a blood stops flowing to any part of the brain which leads to cell damage. When blood supply to the brain is interrupted it may lead to brain damage or possibly death.

What is causing a stroke?

There are several factors that may lead to a stroke. Here are a few of the items: smoking, excessive alcohol intake, poor diet, lack of exercise, Other medical conditions may also affect namely : high blood pressure, high cholesterol, atrial fibrillation, irregular heartbeat & diabetes.

How to prevent a stroke?

The most practical way of preventing a stroke from happening is being aware of the various risk factors of a stroke and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Can exercise really help prevent a stroke?

Exercise contributes greatly in losing and maintaining an ideal weight and lowering blood pressure. It is on it's own a stroke reducer.

What is the most common stroke type?

About 80 percent of strokes are ischemic strokes. Ischemic strokes occur when the arteries to your brain become narrowed or blocked, causing severely reduced blood flow.

Which age group are prone to have a stroke?

Stroke may happen to anyone at any age group. As a matter of fact, there has been studies that more and more young Filipinos are having a stroke mainly due to unhealthy lifestyle.

If I have several risk factors, what should I do next?

It is advisable to visit a neurologist for a precise and thorough investigation of your condition. Do not be afraid of your doctor; they are well equipped to help you out in the prevention and management of stroke.

Is there a medicine to take to prevent a stroke?

None, but there are several medications to prevent high blood pressure, diabetes and irregular heartbeat which are commonly known to cause a stroke.

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