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Medical Consultation in times of Lockdown

In times of Community Quaratine (Lockdown); It is certainly difficult to have your regular medical check up or getting an updated Prescription for you to buy your medicine. VIDEO ONLINE CONSULTATION with your specialist now available in the Philippines.

Get a quick, convenient and secure way to digitally connect with your neurologist (specialist) without having to queue on long lines in the clinic or going through the heavy traffic of the metropolis. You can access the online consultation via audio call or video call (viber). Prior appointment is required.

This is an easy way to form to ask about an existing condition or medication / ask about a symptom or referral for a test / discuss a test result / ask for a prescription for your medications.

The online consultation program also offer clients a easy way to pay for the professional fees via Paypal or Gcash. In cases wherein your neurologist feels you need to be seen or assessed personally, they will arrange a face-to-face appointment with you. This might be because they need to examine you or conduct a medical procedure.

The Online Consultation Program do not accept emergency or urgent cases. You may directly visit the emergency room / department of any hospital near you for urgent medical attention. To get more details, please visit our Facebook Page "NEUROLOGIST ONLINE CONSULTATION" and you may directly book your appoint in FB. For other inquiries, please email us at

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