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What do you mean by Brain Attack or Stroke?

Stroke, also called brain attack or cerebral infarction, is a very serious condition in which the brain is not receiving enough oxygen to function properly. Stroke often results in permanent serious complications and disability and is a common cause of death. It is the second leading cause of deathworldwide.

The brain requires a steady supply of oxygen in order to pump blood effectively to all of the body. Oxygen is supplied to the brain in the blood that flows through arteries. If an artery that supplies blood to the brain becomes blocked or ruptured or begins to leak, the portion of the brain that gets its oxygen-rich blood from that specific artery becomes damaged. This injury can become permanent within minutes and result in thedeath of the affected brain tissue. Medically this is called cerebral necrosis.

There are two types of strokes. An ischemic stroke occurs when a brain artery has been blocked. Ahemorrhagic stroke occurs when an artery ruptures or leaks.

There are primary causes of strokes: cerebral thrombosis, cerebral embolism and cerebral hemorrhage.

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