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Is there life after a stroke?

The impact of your stroke depends on the area of the brain involved and the amount of tissue damaged. If your stroke affected the right side of your brain, your movement and sensation on the left side of your body may be affected. If your stroke damaged the brain tissue on the left side of your brain, your movement and sensation on the right side of your body may be affected. Brain damage to the left side of your brain may cause speech and language disorders.

Most stroke survivors receive treatment in a rehabilitation program. The Neurologist / Stroke Specialist will recommend the most rigorous recovery program you can handle based on your age, overall health and your degree of disability from your stroke. Your doctor will take into consideration your lifestyle, interests and priorities, and the availability of family members or other caregivers.

Your recovery program may begin before you leave the hospital. It may continue in a rehabilitation unit of the same hospital, another rehabilitation unit or skilled nursing facility, an outpatient unit, or your home. Every person's stroke recovery program is different. Depending on your condition, an efficient recovery team may include:

  • Doctor trained in brain conditions (Neurologist)

  • Rehabilitation doctor

  • Nurse

  • Physical therapist

  • Occupational therapist

  • Recreational therapist

  • Speech therapist

Effective recovery from stroke involves making changes in the physical, social, and emotional aspect of ones life. You will make changes to prevent additional stroke as well as to facilitate and expedite your recovery. Stroke recovery is all about getting back to normal life and living as independent as possible. There is absolutely life after a stroke.

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