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Real facts about Motor Neurone Disease

Motor Neurone Disease (MND) is the name given to a related group of diseases which destroy the motor nerves (neurones) in the body. Symptoms vary, but among them, MND can cause paralysis, impair speech, and cause eating and drinking difficulties. As MND progresses, the motor neurones of t he body are gradually damaged. This blocks the stimulating signals from the brain reaching the muscles, causing them to weaken.

There are four main kinds of Motor Neurone Disease. Less than 10% of cases are thought to be inherited, so called “familial MND‟. The vast majority of cases, in the region of 90%, occur to people whose families have no previous history of the condition and are therefore described as “sporadic‟. If lower motor neurone damage occurs the reflexes of the affected muscles are slowly destroyed, so the muscle becomes flaccid and paralysed. If the upper motor neurones are damaged eventually the muscles becomes spastic and paralysed. As MND progresses symptoms can combine. If you experience any of the symptoms stated; please consult a board certified neurologist immediately.

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