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Why is stroke common to seniors?

The brain damage that stroke inflicts is one of the leading causes of adult disability throughout the world. To prevent this figure from rising even higher, it's essential that adults are familiar with the risk factors, symptoms and preventative measures for stroke. It's never too late for senior citizens to learn about the condition and how to lower their risk of experiencing an incident.

Stroke results after the brain fails to receive adequate blood flow and cells begin to die, leading to disability and even death in severe cases. There are two common types of stroke: ischemic and hemorrhagic.

Ischemic is the most common type, accounting for 85 per cent of strokes. It occurs when blood flow is inhibited due to a blood clot. While Hemorrhagic strokes tend to be more dangerous and result after a blood vessel that supplies the brain bursts, causing swelling and bleeding.

While people of all ages are at risk of stroke, the condition is most frequently experienced by older adults, as they're more vulnerable to high blood pressure, one of the most common causes of stroke. As people age, they also become less likely to exercise, which can lead to weight gain and diabetes, which are both known to increase adults' chances of having a stroke. The Stroke Association also noted that adults who smoke. maintain unhealthy diets and consume more than two to three alcoholic drinks a day are at greater risk of stroke. Avoiding these risk factors through a nutritious diet, plenty of physical activity and the elimination of poor lifestyle habits will help senior citizens prevent stroke.

Although treatment depends on how the stroke impacted the brain, most people are usually given medication that prevents blood clots and hypertension or prescriptions that lower cholesterol. However, after hemorrhagic strokes, surgery is often required to ease swelling and stop bleeding. #stroke #strokecare #strokemedicine #strokespecialist #neurologist #specialist #winnielimkhoo #manila #philippines #health #diet #nutrition

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