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Practical ways to prevent a migraine attack

Migraines are very common. According to studies, almost 20% of the population have at least one migraine attack every month. Half these attacks interfere with your daily life. It is one of the most common neurological disorders in the country today.

One proven way to treat / prevent migraine attacks is medication. Unfortunately medication is just part of the treatment; it is very important to know and understand migraine attacks a person.

Here are a few practical ways on how to prevent migraine from attacking:

1. Maintain a regular sleeping pattern

2. Turn off or dim the lights during your sleep

3. Avoid skipping meals

4. Avoid food that triggers your migraine

5. Lessen the brightness level of your mobile phones

6. Drink a moderate amount of caffeinated beverage

7. Regular exercise

8. Take a well balanced diet

9. Manage stress in your life

10. Maintain a migraine diary

If your migraine is connected to seizures, weight loss, fever, eye or ear problem, sudden blackouts or worsening headache. It is advisable to visit your family doctor or neurologist for further medical investigation. If cases of migraine attacks with sudden & severe headache, loss of balance, numbness or difficulty in movement; bring patient to the nearest emergency care hospital for immediate medical treatment. #migraine #headache #pain #migrainattack #doctor #physician #neurologist #specialist #winnielimkhoo #familydoctor #health #prevention #treatment #cure #healthy #health

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