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Depression & Headache

Headache disorders is one of the the most common disorders of the nervous system. Primary headache disorders, such as migraine, tension-type headache, cluster headache, and the so-called chronic daily headache syndrome, can cause substantial levels of disability. Headache can also occur as a symptom of a considerable number of other conditions

A patient with depression often presents a wide variety of complaints that can be categorized as physical & emotional. The physical complaints include chronic pain and headaches; sleep disturbances; severe insomnia and early awakening; appetite changes; anorexia and rapid weight loss; and a decrease in sexual activity, ranging at times to impotence in males and frigidity in females. Emotional complaints include feeling “blue,” anxiety, and rumination over the past, present, and future. A headache secondary to depression is usually considered a tension-type headache.

The physical complaints dominate the situation so that the underlying depression tends to be overlooked. Certain details about the headache may indicate an underlying depression. These headaches usually appear at regular intervals in relation to daily life. The current treatment of tension-type headache often focuses on the underlying depression and includes the use of the antidepressant medications.

There is no absolute cure for migraine. However, lots of treatments are available to help ease the symptoms of a migraine attack. On the other hand; Depression can be treated. A headache may be secondary to depression but the pain is very real. A patient should be reassured that he/she can be helped but it is not going to happen immediately and it will require time and complete cooperation.

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