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Living with Migraine

According to the Mayo Clinic; Living with migraines can be a difficult challenge. Almost one-third of migraine sufferers experience moderate to severe disability. The head pain and other migraine symptoms make it difficult for many to function during attacks. Migraines are a leading cause of disability around the globe. Despite that, half of those with migraines aren’t under a doctor’s care for the condition.Migraines impact almost every facet of a sufferer’s life, and people with migraine or severe headaches are even at increased risk of suicide.

Migraine is most common among people in their mid-30s through their 40s. This means, migraine attacks are at their height when people are most involved in their careers and most active in the work force. This means attacks can impact their work schedules the most.

Migraine sufferers seek treatment that can prevent migraine attacks, make them less frequent, stop symptoms once they’ve started or at least make the migraine symptoms less severe. Just like there are different types of migraines, there are different types of migraine treatments. Some of the medications provide migraine pain relief, while different medications attack other migraine symptoms. Other types of migraine medications are designed to be taken on a regular basis in an effort to prevent migraine attacks from occurring. To help figure out the best type of treatment for your situation, it’s best to start with a migraine journal. Keeping an accurate, complete diary of every migraine attack and all of your symptoms will help your migraine specialist or neurologist make a correct migraine treatment. The record of your pattern of pain will also assist the neurologist in determining which treatment might


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